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Digital Aquatics Moon Light Pod, WHITE

POD color options - We offer a variety of colors in our line of lunar PODs. All PODs can be controlled by either the MLC and ALC modules and can follow either the lunar cycle or a custom timer. - - The pods can be mixed and matched to give a variety of looks and functions. - - Pure Lunar White - The pure lunar white POD offers the most realistic moon light environment in your tank for your fish and coral. - - Nocturnal Blue - Our nocturnal blue POD will add a bit of "pop" in your coral's color at night and will add a touch of class to any system. - - Midnight Red - Our new midnight red POD (available in late September,) is the perfect night time illumination for watching evening activity and spotting creatures that hide in any other light. - - Product Specs - * Requires an RKM-MLC or RKM-ALC to operate - * LED Color: Available in Nocturnal Blue and Lunar White - * LED Viewing Angle: 100 degrees - * Nocturnal Blue LED Output: 240mcd per LED - * Nocturnal Blue Wavelength: 465nm-470nm - * Lunar White LED Output: 1000mcd per LED - * Lunar White Wavelength: Mixed, broad spectrum white - - Connections - * One Molex Connector - * Cable Length: 6 Feet (2 Meter) - * POD Dimensions: 0.4" x 1.7" x 0.35"

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