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Dazs Hang-on Cooling Fan

The new ingenously designed, adjustable nozzle hang-on aquarium cooling fan for the modern aquarist. Now you no longer have to worry about your aquarium cooling fan falling into the water! Since the mechanical parts are not exposed to water accidents, this well thought of aquarium add-on has a longer operation life! Runs on 12V DC.

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Comments Generally, aquarium cooling fans help cool down water temperature by simply driving off heat radiated by your lighting system to the water surface. By promoting air movement over water surface, warm ambient temperature is rapidly blown away to acheive a cooling effect. Three thumbs up, for performance, product price and design!

Liked about it Ingenious design (slim, hang on, adjustable air direction) and installation makes the unit hide from the seeing eyes at 12cm but, still does the better job than the standard cooling fan design!
Has an on/off switch that's easily accessible to you not to seawater, the mechanism (moving part) is away from accidental splash, drips and will not take in mineral deposit due to it's hang on feature!
The adjustable clip feature can fit tanks with or without bracings, perfect for any tank size and design!

Didn't like It would have been the best in the market if it had a temperature probe that makes the 12V fan run in variable speed. If provided with LCD temperature display for both ambient-surface and water temperature readings, this product would have made a hit. I'd like to see it in black colored housing.

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Jun 21, 2010
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