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Aqua Stik By Two Little Fishes Featured

epoxy putty used to attach corals and rocks to each other.

Price: $9 to $19 at 9 stores
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Aqua Stik By Two Little Fishes

Comments This is a Grey stick with a cream color core that is used to attach corals to rocks or rocks to rocks. slide the stick out of the tube cut off desired amount and knead between fingers mixing the cream color and grey color putty. This creates a chemical reaction between the two types of chemicals and causes the chemicals begin to harden.

There is no need to rush there is plenty of time to set the corals or rocks to desired position. this can be done in the water or out of the water. I found it easier to work with out of the because in the water it becomes a little slick.

When the putty begins to harden it will just become difficult to work with. when it drys it will dry the same color grey. after a couple of months this will attract coraline algae and match the rest of the rock in the tank.

Liked about it Easy to knead and apply minimal setup time (if building a large rock formation rocks will need to be supported for a couple of hours) corals can be added quickly and setup quickly.

Didn't like Soft corals are difficult to add and I would find another way to attach a soft coral to rubble rock then apply Aqua Stik from rock to rock.

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By fchidsey
May 17, 2010
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Price: $9 to $19
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at 9 stores

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