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Reef Fanatic pH Controller

An advance pH controller for saltwater aquariums and plant aquariums. - - Micro pH controller includes pH probe and one set of pH calibration fluid. Excellent for reef aquarium with calcium reactor setup and plant aquarium with CO2 setup. Calibration of a new pH probe is done just a push of buttons. - - # Microprocessor base pH controller - # All programmable functions are done with a touch of keypad - # No screws or knobs to turn - # 0.6" easy to read LED display - # LED light indicators - # Measures pH 0 to pH 14 - # Accuracy: +/- 0.01 pH - # Select Hi or Low Action - # Automatic digital calibration for pH7 and pH4 - # Display pH reading continuously

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Never Run a Reactor without a Co2 Controller! featured

Comments I absolutely love this PH controller. Is is the only Fully digital controll IO have seen for use on aquariums specifically Calcium Reactors. Absolutely Flawless, This unit is extremely accurate (attributed to PH probe). The unit being fully digital make it so much easier to setup and install.

Simply take it out of the box
Connect the Ph probe to the standard BIN socket.
Calibrate probe.
Set desired Co2 level. (set point)
Set tolerance
Set High/Low

Calibration is so simple and very accurate. It is a all digital dual point calibration using PH7 and PH4 (this unit comes with calibration solution)

Set Point. This is the Desired PH of the effluent within the reactor. (mine is set to 6.5)

Set tolerance. This is how much you can deviate from the set point.

Set high/low. Do you want Co2 on when the reading is above or below the set point.

Here is an example of my Setup:
Set Point: 6.5
Tolerance: .1
High/Low: High

So the Co2 is on until the reactor hits 6.4. At 6.4 the Co2 shuts off and does not come back on until it gets to 6.6

This seems like a wide range but it is very stable and if you have the Co2 bubbles set right the controller hardly works anyway.

Liked about it 100% digital This makes the unit so much easier to operate.
Inexpensive, At about $180 this unit cost about the same and the analog controllers.
Compact and it looks very nice. There is a stand for the unit or you can wall mount it.

Didn't like At this point there really is not anything I did not like about this controller.

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By ckusnierek
May 29, 2010
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