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Seachem ParaGuard 100 ml

ParaGuard 100 ml by Seachem. A pH-neutral, methanol-free, 10% aldehyde blend with a synergistic concentration of malachite green and fish-protective polymers

Price: $5 to $7 at 2 stores
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Works as advertised.

General I have used this product once to treat for suspected intestinal parasites in a new addition to the display tank. After two weeks of treatment, the affected fish was visibly more active and gaining weight. While I cannot be sure what organism was at fault for the infection or what the true results were, I will speculate that this medication worked as advertised and I would not hesitate to dose again if similar disorders were to arise.

Liked about it Safe, easy treatment

Didn't like Nothing at this time.

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By superwizbang
Apr 26, 2009
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Price: $5 to $7
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at 2 stores

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