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Kordon Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor - 1gal


Price: $38 to $38 at 1 stores
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Excellent Cure

Comments Excellent value for money and performs great. Never has failed to cure ick in my tank and doesn't harm inverts. Even better it can be used on both salterwater and freshwater tanks. Best ick cure I've ever seen or used. A single bottle can last a very long time and it is very easy to use. Will not stain anything in side of the tank either which is hard to find in many ick cures. This product is not the most common ick cure or the most stocked but most lfs stores have it. Ick Attack is a must for all aquarists especially for reef owners since it can even be used in reef tanks. There isn't anything negative about this treatment except you still have to remove carbon from your filter.

Liked about it Excellent cure
Generally cheap
Doesn't harm inverts
Doesn't stain
Works in both saltwater and freshwater

Didn't like May be removed by carbon
Not always carried by stores
Would be even better if it treated bacterial infections

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By nick88
Jul 29, 2010
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Price: $38 to $38
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