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Kent Marine Poly Ox Red Slime Remover 16 oz.

Poly Ox is an organic material oxidizer. It does not contain any algaecides. It assists in preventing growth of various cyanobacteria (commonly called red or blue green slime algae) by simply removing their food source....

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So much to comment

General It is hard to say if it did anything, I am still unsure what the cause of my cyanobacteria outbreak was... if it was dissolved organics this product does little to help with it.

Liked about it It seemed to make my water a little clearer, it may have slowed the growth of my cyanobacteria a little bit, it is hard to say without a control tank.

Didn't like Stains you skin instantly for several hours and several washes, did not kill off my cyanobacteria that I had already established in my tank, it is hard to get X number of drops measured out properly, you have to take any carbon out of your tank to use it, and it is a pain to add it 2X/day for a month.

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By jschulzpt
Jul 05, 2009
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