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Boyd Chemi-Clean 6g Featured

Chemi Clean removes disease causing red cyano bacteria (red slime) from live coral,and oxidizes trapped organic sludge and sediment. Chemi Clean also clarifies aquarium water to crystal clear and promotes ideal...

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Sometimes you just have to use it. featured

Comments Personally I hate using chemicals like this to do anything to my tank, but recently I was faced with a cyanbobacteria outbreak that wouldn't go away. I simply couldn't figure out what was causing it. Rather than risk the livestock in my tank while I figured it out I decided to use Chemiclean, because it had been recommended to me.

According to the box a dose takes 48 hours to work, but I noticed a change in the cyanbobacteria after less than 24 hours. At the end of 48 hours the water was clearer and the cyanbobacteria was a translucent color. The whole tank was in better shape.

I finally did find the source of the extra Phosphates, but I am glad this was around to help me when I needed it.

At first I thought the cost of the product was a bight high, but as I read on the box it treats 300 gallons. One important note, that's actual gallons, not tank size. They ask you to compensate the dose for water displaced by your live rock and sand. So a 50 gallon tank may only take a 30 or 40 gallon dose depending on your aquascape. So the product may last even longer than you expect.

There's a warning on the box to make sure gas exchange in the tank is high to use an air stone and not rely on power heads. I didn't happen to have an air stone so I had to rely on the power heads. What I did was aim my Koralia pumps upward toward the surface which created a massive amount of surface agitation. This obviously worked as the tank inhabitants behaved normally throughout the entire treatment period.

Liked about it 1. Multiple treatments out of one jar.
2. Very easy to use (scoop is even included).
3. It was effective and actually did get rid of the cyanbobacteria.

Didn't like 1. I don't like having to guess the amount of gallons in my tank based on the amount of water displaced by live rock and sand. This could lead to over or under dosing of the product. I decided to go light on the dose. I figured I could always do a second dose after 48 hours and a water change, but if I overdosed then it could have harmed my livestock.

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By tcamos
Aug 16, 2010
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Price: $9 to $20
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at 3 stores

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