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Two Little Fishies Aquastik Stone Grey - 4 oz.

AquaStik Stone Grey 4 oz by Two Little Fishies. Nontoxic epoxy attaches corals, live rock, gorgonians, plants, and other items to each other or directly to glass

Price: $6 to $15 at 2 stores
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Decent epoxy when needed

Comments I don't like using epoxy unless I must, but this product works well. Relatively expensive compared to generic brands that can be bought at the hardware store, it's still nice to have some on hand. I don't necessarily agree that it will bond directly to glass, as I've not had that type of success with this product.

Liked about it this item cures pretty quickly and works underwater, it certainly a great product for locking a small piece of rock or coral in place.

Didn't like A bit expensive for what it is, doesnt hold shape well when uncured and put under slight force. It may also provide limited structural integrity, so using it under a lot of weight is questionable. I've seen a few frags react negatively when in direct contact with uncured epoxy, but that's more often the exception than the rule.

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By crvz
Jan 08, 2010
Last updated: May 18, 2010
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Price: $6 to $15
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at 2 stores

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