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Tom Aquatics Replacement Scraper

Algae Scrapers Magical Cleaning Rod Replacement Scraper by Kollercraft. Lightweight cleaning tool that scrapes, shovels, and polishes

Price: $2 to $8 at 2 stores
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nice little scraper to have on hand with glass tanks

Comments I really like this scraper, and being able to find replacement blades makes them all the more valuable. This blade holds up well over time, and I usually get a good 6 months out of one before needing to replace the head. I can get even more time out of them if I use them in less stressful situations. They come with everything necessary to get them installed right away. A simple device that is cheap and works well.

Liked about it There are a lot of positives with this unit. First, it clips right into place and works well without any alterations. The blade holds up well, I've never had one rust on me and I am not in the habit of rinsing them after use. The quality is sturdy, I've also never had one break or otherwise deform in any way. Usually I'll replace them when the face of the blade gets a little dull, and at the cost that's usually well warranted in lieu of using a dull unit that takes a lot more effort to scrape the tank.

Didn't like Nothing negative to say about this product. It works well. I have had trouble finding them in the past, but a quick online search fixed that problem for me.

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By crvz
May 31, 2010
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Price: $2 to $8
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at 2 stores

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