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Taam Reef HD Coral Clippers

Coral shears with precision ground jaws and Stainless Steel construction. Single lever spring action. Very smooth operation. Contour cutting blades.

Price: $32 to $32 at 1 stores
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Great tool for THICK stony corals, not good for much else

Comments This tool is great for thick, branching stony corals, but it won't help for fragging anything else. It doesnt close entirely, so don't expect to use it for smaller jobs or anything that needs precision. Good to have when other tools are inadequate, but only for those specific applications

Liked about it Well made, good for cutting large coral. For some of my branching stonies (such as the bali slimer), this is the only thing that has a chance at cutting the large diameter.

Didn't like You really have to clean it after each use. A simple rinse in fresh water and then drying it with a towel is all that's needed, but if you dont do this you will begin to get rust. Also, it's not great for precisions jobs, so you'll want other tools on hand for more specific fragging.

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By crvz
Jan 08, 2010
Last updated: May 18, 2010
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Price: $32 to $32
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