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Marina Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner Large 24in 2 inch dia. w6 foot Tubing...


Price: $18 to $46 at 2 stores
Searched Marina Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner Large 24in 2 incha. w6 foot Tubing and Bucket Clip in Reviews


Great for freshwater tanks, not for marine tanks

Comments I used this every time I did a water change on my freshwater tanks. It could get deep into the gravel and suck up detritus like nobody's business.

One of the nice features is a guard that prevents things from getting sucked up into it that you don't want, such as chucks of gravel, fish, snails, etc.

This isn't a tool you want to use on your marine tank however, as your sand bed contains beneficial infauna that would be destroyed by use of this tool.

Liked about it 1. Tube is standard sized so I was able to go to Home Depot and buy a really long one and so I could dump the water in the bath tub which made it super easy.
2. Fish guard protects your livestock.
3. The end tube is hard so it can be pushed down into the gravel to get deeply embedded detritus.

Didn't like 1. Hose too short, so I purchased a longer one. Others may find it just right though so this was only an issue for me.

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By tcamos
Jul 28, 2010
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Price: $18 to $46
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at 2 stores

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