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Magnavore M-6ER Algae Magnet Cleaner

New Extended Reach SeriesMagnavore 6 ER Cleaning MagnetDesigned for 5/8 and 3/4 inch thick glass and acrylic most glass tanks from 200 to 300 Gal. & most very large acrylic tanks up to 72 inch long and 36 inch high....

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Better than even expected!!! Highly recommended! featured

Comments First, i would say that this is the best magnet I've ever used. This thing is so strong, id be afraid to get my finger caught in between them. I was using a mag float magnet, and it was alright. I mean sometimes it would pop off the glass if i moved it too fast and i would have to go over some areas more than once and all, but not with this magnavore. Its a machine! My glass is pretty thick at over 1/2" and i need to use both my arms to move this thing around. You only need to go over each area just one time and it just does not pop off the glass. Its a little pricy at around 100 bucks new but i managed to snag one used on ebay for 40 bucks. If you have the money to spend, its the best there is!

Liked about it Unbelievably strong magnet.
Good scrubber pad on the back isn't too soft. It cleans just right.
I just bought the scraper addition for the magnet as well so it can clean algae. Pretty versatile. We'll see how it works!

Didn't like Its a little pricey brand new. Even if it is the best, its still just a magnet for a hundred bucks. Kinda steep!
It'd be nice if it floated instead of sinks, but really not a big deal as the thing never ever comes off the glass unless you on purpose pull the magnets apart.

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By mjkelly
Feb 11, 2010
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Price: $114 to $114
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