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Coralife AquaTongs 22 inch

Coralife Aqua Tongs Small 19" by Central Aquatics. Perfect for large objects or small, delicate objects

Price: $27 to $27 at 1 stores
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A necessity during maintenance

Comments This tong was definitely what I need to maintain my tank. I used to have to bend down very far in order to reach my turbo snails and hermit crabs. These tongs were also very good at grabbing livestock that you wouldn't really want to be touching.

Liked about it 1. Helps greatly on maintaining the tank. Reduces the amount of work needed.
2. A good stress reliever when trying to pick up dead animals
3. Grabs almost anything in the tank and is sometimes strong enough to pickup rocks

Didn't like 1. Not very strong at grabbing. Could make it better at a picking up heavy items.
2. Breaks easily

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By Silentdea
Mar 23, 2011
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Price: $27 to $27
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