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Petco Real Ocean Water

Natural sea water that's already filtered, sanitized, and pH balanced. No mixing, measuring or adjusting. Just pour Real Ocean Water directly into your aquarium

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Not too bad but test your water before you use it.

Comments The water is very clean and tests fine in the purity sense of water and lacks the harmful stuff that you do not want in your water. It is reasonably priced and is not that bad of a deal. Like I mentioned before make sure you test the water before you add it. I have never had 2 boxes with the same readings and that is expected but some of the stuff like calcium, salinity and pH are a little off but nothing that is out of control. It says it is ready to pour in and go but it really isn't. On several occasions I have had to pump up the calcium and salinity. Some boxes had great pH while others did not. I used it for about 3 months and I did notice my corals did not seem to be as happy as they once had been. i have since switched back to NutriSea water.

Liked about it The price is a little cheaper then the others. It is pretty much ready to go but do your homework before you add it to the tank.

Didn't like The box is a total pain to work with. It's design could be improved by having the spout more securely secured to the box. I don't like having to add salt to natural seawater to bring the salinity up as well as sometimes having to add distilled water to bring it down. The calcium is not that big of a deal cause I substitute for that anyways.

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By bb0029
Mar 08, 2010
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