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IC-GEL is a cyanoacrylate paste that is extremely thick which comes in an applicator tube like toothpaste. It has the same bonding and curing time characteristics as MAXI-CUREâ„¢; IC-Gelâ„¢, however, can be applied to a vertical surface and will stay in place. It will not run. This can be very convenient for some assembly applications. Applying CA to the bottom of a ho... - IC-GELâ„¢ is an excellent putty for plastic models. It will fill any void and can be formed to many shapes. Applying INSTA-SETâ„¢ allows IC-GELâ„¢ to be sanded or filed to final shape in less than 20 seconds. Autobody repairmen have finished their jobs in a fraction of the time by using IC-GELâ„¢ with the additional advantage over normal body putties of superior bonding to metal surfaces. IC-GELâ„¢, along with MAXI-CUREâ„¢, is also used for the underwater bonding of coral to rock.

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get er stuck

Comments I have used the putties in the past with moderate success, as long as I used enough and could hide the putty view. IC-GEL is a type of real thick super glue that works under sea water easily and adheres to anything quickly. Keep if off your fingers and your good to go. I use only IC-GEL for any coral attachment at this point, can't find anything better

Liked about it The product is very reasonable, easy to use and store, has adequate quantity and many more uses than just a fish tank. No pressure is require unlike other types of putties and you don't see where you have been as there is little or no remaining glue after hardening.

Didn't like if you get it on your hands, don't touch anything,

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By aiaman
Apr 29, 2010
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Price: $9 to $9
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