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kessil A150W Featured

Canister led lights from Kessil. 10000k 35W and about the size of a pop can.

Price: $37 to $325 at 10 stores
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LED lights comparable to 150w MH featured

Installation and Operation It comes with hardware to hang these lights but I bought the seperate goose neck for them. The instructions are very help full and has pictures incase you dont understand them. They come with a power brick like a laptop and all you have to do is plug them in. They need to be about 12" from top of tank for a 24" spread. Built in fan so just a light dusting it about the only thing needed to clean case. There is glass covering LEDS so if no top on tank might need to clean glass too.

Performance vs. Expectations They are BRIGHT!!!! They are suppose to be able to grow all coral. They light up the bottom of my tank with ease. The simmer effect is just as good if not better the MH. Hardly any heat at the tank or inchs from the light them self. The fan in them are very quiet. You have to be very close to hear mine atleast.

Value for money If the in fact able to grow all types of coral then worth the price. They are suppose to last atleast 10yrs maybe longer.

Customer Support I have needed to call them.

Liked about it Cool running so dont need a chiller.
Small and dont take up room or look out of place.
BRIGHT with a very nice shimmer effect.

Didn't like Price. At $264 apiece for led the should of came with more then just a hanging kit. The extra goose neck was $34 apiece for them.
The goose neck is very stiff and hard to get right over the middle of tank.
Brightness is great but if got little kids or the are not pointed striaght down they could hurt ur eyes or blind you for awhile. When I say bright I mean bright so dont stare at them.

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By thanatos
Mar 12, 2012
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Price: $37 to $325
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at 10 stores

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