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JBJ C-Breeze Adjustable Clamp-On Air Blower

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One of the better cooling devices for a small tank featured

Installation and Operation I had a little tank, 5.5 gallons, that was running too hot and I really needed it cooled by about 4 degrees during lights on. I looked around at several different fans and each claimed only 2 - 3 degrees of cooling. My research lead me to the JBJ C-Breeze which claimed 3-5 degrees of cooling. It was also a good $10 less than all the other ones I had looked at.

I really like how it clamps on and how flexible the arm is as well, you can really bend it around to where you want it.

Performance vs. Expectations I actually got 6 degrees of cooling out of this. I don't think you would get that in a larger tank, I think mine was just perfect for this fan to work. I call it a fan, but as the description above states, it's really a "blower". I think this distinction is actually why it works so well. The air is better directed and controlled than just an ordinary fan is.

I later used this with 29 gallon BioCube. I got 3 degrees of cooling out of it. However, it isn't designed for a BioCube and wasn't the greatest. I understand it fits great in any of the JBJ nano cubes though.

The only complaint I have is that the fan is a bit noisy. It wasn't enough to really bug me, but my wife noticed it right away when I added it. Still, if you are faced with a hot nano tank and can't afford a higher dollar solution, I recommend this blower, I think it's a good product that is well thought out and won't break the bank.

Value for money Most of the fans I looked at were $10 - $15 dollars more and claimed less cooling. This was cheap and got more than I expected. I was really pleased and say the value is really there with this.

Customer Support I have not had to use customer support for this product but have with other JBJ products and find them to be helpful and friendly.

Liked about it 1. Better than expected cooling on a small tank (not for large tanks).
2. Flexible arm allows for accurate pointing of airflow.
3. Very secure mount.
4. Can be used on a variety of tanks, including some all-in-one systems.

Didn't like 1. A little noisy.
2. More noisy in a BioCube as it caused other parts to vibrate. Not the fan's fault I suppose, but it is a result of clipping on.

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By tcamos
Sep 28, 2010
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