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IceCap Digital Timer

IceCap Digital Timer 2-7/8" x 5-1/4" high by IceCap. Easy-to-program digital timer for custom aquarium lighting

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icecap does it... again!! A+

Installation and Operation easy to install, none of the hassle that some other times bring and all the benefits of a top class timer. it really came in handy specially when i was gone during the weekends and i couldnt control the time my lights were on through the day, i wouldnt give this kind of trust to any other timer

Performance vs. Expectations i got more that i expected, i really didnt think that i would come to trust this product as much as i do

Value for money its worth down to its every penny, you wont find another timer like this one

Customer Support yes i have dealt with icecap before and i got to say that company is top of its kind, excellent products, competitive prices, best customer support!!

Liked about it -accurate

Didn't like -nothing comes to mind, excellent product, even better company

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By gabranth17
Jun 12, 2010
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