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Coralife Freshwater Aqualight Dual Linear Strip Light 2X96W 36 inch

Aqualight Double Strip Lights Freshwater 36" by Aqualight. Dual lamp compact fluorescent light fixtures satisfy high lighting requirements

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Good fixture for a simple PC unit, but pretty spendy featured

Installation and Operation I used this strip for a few years before I upgraded to what I consider real reef lighting (at that time, I upgraded to T5 bulbs overdriven and with individual reflectors). It worked well for what it is, actually one of the nicer fluorescent fixtures that I've experienced. The unit comes with 2 switches and 2 cords for use on timers, and the bulbs I've had for years without replacing it.

Performance vs. Expectations This unit worked pretty well, I didnt have any complaints with how the product operates. The dual cords is nice for independently firing the bulbs, and the light has worked without issue.

Value for money For around $200, you could easily build a simple retrofit system for a fish only tank. This light won't provide adequate light for much coral growth, so for the price it does seem to not deliver a lot.

Liked about it This is a quality product for a simple PC bulb fixture. It comes with a pair of 96W bulbs, and at 36" it fits over a number of standard tanks. I used this on a 58 gallon oceanic tank, and it worked great (it even fit under the hood, which is a challenge for those slim factory oceanic hoods). The light worked well for a couple years, and now (4 years later) I still have it on hand and it fires up anytime I need it (such as when our local club has frag swaps or other activities). The fixture itself is a quality unit that lasts well and looks as good as new even after all these years.

Didn't like This light strip isnt that cheap, so for a fish only tank (which is about all I'd recommend it for), it may be a bit of an expensive solution. Other than that, it's a nice fixture that holds up well over time and use.

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By crvz
May 26, 2010
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