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Coralife Aqualight PlusPro Suspension Hardware Hanging Device

Pro HQI/Compact Fluorescent/Lunar Light Fixture Suspension Hardware adjusts from 12" to 72" by Coralife. Combines 10000 K HQI double-ended metal halide, actinic blue compact fluorescent, and 1-watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow...

Price: $19 to $19 at 1 stores
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Best way to reduce generated heat

Installation and Operation It was simple, there are only a few parts.

Performance vs. Expectations When I first purchased my Aqualight Pro fixture, we were living in a small apartment which got a lot of sun. As a result, heat was a real problem, especially with the added heat from the Aqualight. So I removed the aquarium hood and suspended the fixture from the ceiling using this hardware. It resulted in at least a 10 degree drop in aquarium temperature (29g) and worked great.

Liked about it Helped reduce overall aquarium temperature. Allows the fixture to be pushed out of the way when cleaning or servicing the aquarium.

Didn't like The metal is a little thin. I accidentally bent one and it didn't fit. Fortunately it was easy to bend back into place.

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By Diving The World
Oct 09, 2009
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Price: $19 to $19
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