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Coralife 4 Black Aqualight Plus Mounting Legs Bottom-Mounted

Mounting Legs for the Aqualight Pro Series Aquarium Lighting System.

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OK legs featured

Installation and Operation These legs are quite easy to install. You just unscrew an end cap and slide them right down a track. Then a screw tightens them. They are very secure once in place and have little tabs on the bottom so the fixture can't slide to either side. So they aren't just flat on the bottom and actually wrap around the tank, which is nice.

Performance vs. Expectations They perform just fine. But they are a little on the short side in my opinion. The fixture is pretty close to the water and it is a little difficult to get your arm in the tank with these legs. But aside from that everything is good about them. They are well built and the fixture doesn't wobble at all.

Value for money The ones I have actually came with the fixture.

Customer Support I have dealt with them on a separate issue and they were very helpful.

Liked about it The ease of installation was nice. I was happy that they are very sturdy and they have no trouble supporting the light fixture they are designed for.

Didn't like I don't like the fact they they are short. If they were an inch or two taller I think that would be better. The only other thing is I wish they had some rubber or something on the bottom. They are designed not to slide from left to right very well, but the plastic slides from front to back easily. I added some Velcro type material so mine didn't move around.

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By luther1200
Sep 25, 2009
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