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Coralife 36 Double Linear Aqualight T-5 Fixture Featured

This is a sleek and streamlined fixture designed to enhance and complement all aquariums. Its compact and slim-profile style is suitable for applications where space is limited. The fixture is equipped with a modern...

Price: $48 to $75 at 5 stores
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Sleek & bright featured

Installation and Operation Easy to use, essentially plug-n-play.
Theis a Single power cord for the two bulbs which is good and long enough for most installations.
On-off switch works well.
Very light weight and easy to move-remove for tank maintenance.
Can be difficult to remove acrylic strip to change bulbs.
Acrylic strip can get overheated & deform.
Wire extension legs seem to be too light-duty, but they work fine.

Performance vs. Expectations Considering the 2 x 21w bulbs, I expect there to be more light coming from this fixture.
Not as bright as I expected.
Lower dispersion of light.
Likely the low-profile makes the reflector smaller & closer to the bulbs and causes a loss of illumination.
However, at half the height of their CF fixtures, this is an ideal light for eliminating clutter on top of a tank without a lid.
It does provide more light than a comparable T10-T12 and doesn't radiate much heat into the tank.

Value for money If you are looking for a low profile fixture, this is well worth the money.
If you are looking for the absolute most light given the size of your tank, you might want to consider other, regular profile fixtures.
This might be an ideal fixture for supplemental lighting or to provide general lower-level, long photoperiod illumination when the MH lights are off.

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Liked about it Low profile, esthetically very good.
Ease of use.
Light weight

Didn't like Lower illumination
Lower dispersion of light
Acrylic strip deforms

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By vic622
Feb 06, 2010
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Price: $48 to $75
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at 5 stores

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