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Underwater 10 Watt Single Light

This is a submersible light, 10 watt halogen, that can be used in an all-in-one tank to grow macro-algae in one of the back chambers, such as a BioCube has.

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Perfect light for a BioCube refugium without scraping paint featured

Installation and Operation This is pretty much a light at the end of a cord so installation is a snap. It's an underwater light so you just put it in the water and let it drop, plug the other end into an outlet and it comes on. Be sure to put a drop loop in the cord. There's no switch so you will need to run this on a timer.

Performance vs. Expectations BioCube owners know that part of the fun of a BioCube is modifying it. One of the most desirable modifications is a refugium in the middle chamber but getting light into it is a pain. The back of the tank has black paint on it which most people scrape off and place a light over. The new BioCube HQI have this feature built in from the factory, which just shows how useful it is. To me, all this scraping is a pain and I don't like making such obvious changes to a nice product. These little lights, which can be purchased as a single bulb or double, are perfect because they allow you to make a refugium out of the middle chamber and light the chaeto from both above and beneath the algal mass.

Value for money This is a very affordable product, around $16 - $20. Considering what it does for you, the value is outstanding. I have had them for several months now and they work very well to grow chaeto in my BioCube.

Customer Support When the lights arrived (I got two of them) one of the transformers had a short in it, so the light would flicker. I contacted the company via their web site and got a quick reply. In a couple of days I had two new lights! They really took care of me and were pleasant in the process. They did not even ask me to return the old ones so I ended up with three working lights.

Liked about it 1. Affordable.
2. Because it's a light on the end of a cord, it can be placed in rather tight areas.
3. Bright enough to grow macro algae in your refugium and small enough not to increase the heat in your tank at all.
4. Replacement bulbs are cheap and easy to change out.
5. Cord is plenty long.

Didn't like 1. According to the company the light must remain underwater while on or it may catch fire or melt.
2. One of the lights tended to float. I placed a weight from my planted tank on it, problem solved.

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By tcamos
Sep 12, 2010
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