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TMC Aquabeam 600

the new L.E.D lighting strips from TMC

Price: $129 to $129 at 2 stores
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the future of aquarium lighting is here! featured

Installation and Operation it was very easy to install, plug and play- all i had to do was connect the lights to the power unit. The instructions were also very easy to follow, step by step guides on how to fix the lights to your existing hood with multiple options on how to do this. The unit runs itself once plugged into a timer, with very little maintenance needed- no bulbs need changing, just the occasional wipe with the microfibre cloth thats included in the box.

Performance vs. Expectations they perform like a dream, bright powerful light that easily matches MH. After doing my research i wasnt at all surprised to see how fantastic these lights are, they are built well, perform well- but for the price you'd expect that.

Value for money if i was to value the lights myself i would probably put them at the price i payed because they are quality, and you have to pay for quality: sort of like when you buy a $20 coat, it doesnt compare to a $200 coat. The product is exceptionally good value for money considering there is no bulb replacements needed etc.

Customer Support i rang TMC customer support to ask if 3 lights would be enough for my set up and they advised me i needed 4, and they were right-Very helpful, friendly and professional.

Liked about it the top 3 things i like about the product are: 1- they run like halides but at half the cost, 2- the need no bulb replcements 3- they produce little heat

Didn't like i honestly cant name one thing i dont like about this product, its just great.

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By jalexuk
Dec 29, 2010
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Price: $129 to $129
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at 2 stores

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