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Hamilton Technology Metal Halide Pendant

Hanging pendant spotlight metal halide system. 13" tall bell with 9.5" wide diameter at opening. Includes remote louvered ballast with solid mount feet, 12 foot lamp cord with quick disconnect, 6 foot grounded power cord, acrylic lens (400 watt no lens) and bell shaped pendant shell with color of your choice. Easy lighting solution for reef tanks. 14K or 20K bulbs...

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Great product!

Installation and Operation Easy to hang with the included power cord.
I have two of them, one 175w and one 250w.
They have lasted for 4+ years now and have had a variety of bulb brands and K in them

Performance vs. Expectations Takes

Value for money Great value and it comes with a bulb!

Customer Support Hamilton is wonderful. I have dealt with them on countless occasions and remain a loyal customer.

Liked about it White interior reflects light down through the enclosure.
Plenty of power cord so that the height above the tank can be adjusted.

Didn't like The 3 metal screws that remove the lens can become rusted and jammed. Make sure you wipe off the creep every once and a while

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By hawaii4485
Aug 27, 2009
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