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LumenMax Elite Pendant

LumenMax Elite Pendant, adjustable from socket for both SE and DE bulbs

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Installation and Operation Installs very quickly with a ballast of the same manufacturer. Easy enough to install with another manufacturers ballast, just buy a couple of adapters and wire them together to adapt to say, an Icecap ballast. Easy to hang and includes the necessary hardware

Performance vs. Expectations Blows away lower priced reflectors, but is comparable to the LumenBrights and Lumenarcs. I like the dimpled reflector material better as it make for a more even light IMO.

Value for money A little more expensive than its direct competition, but is still priced ok.

Customer Support Good customer support

Liked about it Very efficient design. Adjustable to suit the needs of the individual and well made.

Didn't like Cost, as it is about 10-15% higher than the competition, but is not 10-15% better IMO. I still like the looks of it over the competition though. The plug is a proprietary based design and adapters are needed to make it work with any other ballast except for theirs. They will also void your warranty from what I hear if you cut of the plug end, so you will need to buy the adapters if using anything other than a Sunlight Supply ballast.

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By Fat Tony
Jul 22, 2010
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