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Kessil A150W LED Aquarium Light Featured

Kessil Led Cannon A150W Ocean Blue

Price: $37 to $325 at 4 stores
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Awesome Light

Installation and Operation Simple to install, have not use the optional goose neck, but rather hung from ceiling, easily accomplished with a simple hanging kit (not included)

Performance vs. Expectations Came from T5HO, performed as advertised, virtually not heat to touch while having a good spread of light

Value for money Compared to other options, good value for your money without many options like some other more expensive options

Customer Support NA

Liked about it No Heat
Easy install
no bulb replacements for years to come

Didn't like Not much I dont like about these lights, but one thing not dim-able but i knew this when I purchased

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By salty198
Mar 22, 2012
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Price: $37 to $325
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at 4 stores

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