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MH HQI Retrokfit Kit Specifications - * High Performance System. - * Includes electronic ballast, HQI parabolic reflector sockets, grounded power plug, and wire nuts. - * Bulb is not included. - - Reflector Specifications - * Advanced parabolic reflector design, shaped out of the highest quality polished aluminum mirror material. Absolutely the best! - * Designed for 1 HQI (Double Ended) Metal Halide Lamp. - * Mirror finish for up to 99% reflectivity. - * Includes UV Glass shield. - * Dimensions: 11" x 6" x 3" (LxWxH) - - Electronic ARO Ballast Specifications - * Item Code: 61-61001 - * Will fire all 150W HQI metal halide bulbs - * Extended Lamp Life - up to 25% - * Consistent Lamp Color. - * Uniform Lumen Output. - * Reduced Lamp Flicker. - * Cool, Silent Operation. - * Long Ballast Life. - * 3 year warranty - * Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 2 1/8" (LxWxH) - -

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Great Product...Great Customer Service...Great Price!!! featured

Installation and Operation retrofit kits are top notch! The installation was not too difficult in my canopy. Anyone that is even slightly mechanically inclined could complete the assembly and installation of these kits. I spent about $20 on supplies at my LHS and installed them on a rope system so I can raise and lower the fixtures in my canopy with ease! The kits come with a quality UL listed ballast, quality reflector, and a grounded power cord. A bulb is not included, but that didn't bother me because it allowed me to select a quality bulb that would meet my needs.

Performance vs. Expectations These kits far outperform my expectations! All component are high quality, and they are very bright! Ballast do not run hot, and are very quiet!

Value for money The kits are a great bang for the buck. You would spend a similar amount if not more money on a non-UL listed fixture from other companies such as Odyssea or With the Hellolights kit, you get quality components with an outstanding warranty and excellent customer service.

Customer Support's customer support is great! Prior to purchasing my two kits, I contacted via their online chat option on their website. The representative I spoke with was very helpful. He answered all my questions and even helped me pick a bulb based on my desired look. He also provided me with a discount code which saved me about $40 on my order!

One of the other benefits of their customer service is that if you have any warranty claims, hellolights handles them in house, there is no need to deal with the manufacturers. They take care of you!

Liked about it These fixtures are high quality. The ballasts light the bulb with very minimal flickering which can shorten bulb life. The ballasts are quiet and do not run very hot! Hellolights has a great warrant and their customer service is top notch!

Didn't like The only thing that I didn't like is the length of wiring included on the reflector and ballast. Unless you are going to install the ballasts within about 20" of the reflector (which really isn't realistic) you will need to pick up some extra 14-18 gage wire. I ended up buying 10 feet of 14 g. solid copper wiring while I was picking up my other supplies at my LHS so I could install the ballasts under my stand. You can also purchase 33 ft of 18 g. wire from when you place your order for about $6, I just forgot to do this when I placed my order.

Other than that one thing, these kits are great! I have no complains and I will buy more of them as the need arises!

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May 15, 2011
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