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Hamilton Technology Belize Sun

250 watt HQI, T5, with moonlight combo fixture

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Belize Sun 48" featured

Installation and Operation Realatively easy to install bulbs, have to disassemble unit. Screws will not properly fit the small end cap, design flaw or just shotty crafstmanship. Aquarium stand brackets do not fit a 48" aquarium correctly, then I hung unit looked much better that way with easier tank access.

Performance vs. Expectations Product performs as advertised.

Value for money Only good fixture I have purchased. I have nothing to compare it to.

Customer Support Company service department was very matter of fact, when I told them about a defect they didn't seem to care about it accept to ask when the fixture was purchased for warranty purposes. I purchased through vendor so I no longer had my email reciept. To bad now I have to purchase faulty moonlights that blow out every 90 days. She did mention that the problem was now fixed but I would have to purchase the replacement bulbs without proof of purchase.

Liked about it Light is compact and everything I wanted, I upgraded to the electronic ballasts they seem to run cool. Sleek design looks good. Large fixture with fans is fairly quiet. Had for 10 months running great except the moon lighting.

Didn't like LED moon lights burn out quickly a task to replace middle LED. Aquarium mounts do not fit correctly to fixture. Five wires coming out the back are heavy and make the fixture tilt(when hung)unless wires are tied up. Wish LED lights would not burn out so rapidly. Also, I think customer service rep should have recognized I was the original purchaser and sent replacement bulbs free of charge.

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By Plumber Dan
Apr 27, 2011
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