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Fishneedit 150w Metal Halide Pendent

Fishneedit 150w Metal Halide Pendent - 150w MH, 6700K / 8000K / 10000K / 14000K / 20000K available. - Aluminum Housing - Remote Electronic Ballast - Hanging kit and mounting feet included - Built in reflector - Splash Guard -

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Great product for a great price! featured

Installation and Operation Installation was a breeze. Plug n play in terms of operation. The pendent has a 2-prong cord running to the ballast and grounded plug from the ballast to the wall. The ballast does have a switch for turning it on and off.

The hanging kit is excellent and easy to mount. The legs are so so, cheap plastic screws, one screw came in broken. The legs also fit on my aquarium a little funky, does not want to sit flat and adjusting is also touchy due to the cog wheel type elbow.

Performance vs. Expectations I did not expect much. I figured it would be an OK light and get me by till I get something more quality. Boy was I surprised.

Excellent performance. I do not have much in the tank yet but everything is happy and healthy, even some SPS.

I did read this somewhere and took the advice. The bulbs are a bit off on color. 14K looks more like 10K and 20K looks like 14K. I would definitely ALWAYS go with the 20K bulb for a saltwater tank, it is a crisp white with hint of blue. I do plan on upgrading bulbs as I do think the bulb is the weaker link in this set up.

The ballast are not too big and passively cooled. They do get hot to the touch but not overly so. The 70w ballast is only warm to the touch.

The build quality is decent. Again, didn't expect much but the housing is much nicer than I anticipated.

Value for money Best purchase I have made for my tank so far. I bought two fixtures, for less then the price of one name brand pendent. Low price and good performance and good looks!

Even comes with everything needed, mounting, splash guard, etc...

Customer Support Great. I did have a bulb go out on me. Simon had a new bulb out to me within 24 hours of me notifying him (no charge to me). When I got it in the mail, he gave me 2 bulbs! I don't know too many companies that throw in something extra like that even when they don't need to.

Liked about it Price. Performance. Quality. Customer service. Accessories were all included. Optional items to upgrade the light to dual T5HO+MH.

Being able to turn a Grade "B" fixture to a Grade "A-" by just upgrading the bulb.

Didn't like The 150w fixture gets hot since its passively cooled. But most MH pendents are just like that. Adding fans would just increase the price. The cord from the light to the ballast isn't long enough but is easily fixed with an extension cord for $6. Only Fedex shipping available... I prefer UPS. He is also located in California so it takes awhile to get to Florida. :(

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By ScubaJ
Oct 17, 2010
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