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Digikits 36" 18 LED Aquarium Moonlight and Power Supply

LEDs: 36 pieces 5mm 6000mcd wide angle super bright,470nm wavelength,extremely close to the natural moon light.The other spec that affects the moonlighting effect and people are not aware of is the angle that the light covers. All moonlights are wide angle which can cover wider range that the normal LED lights ( or other moonlights selling on the market).

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Digikits Moon Lights are the best

Installation and Operation These things came ready to use straight out of the box. Plug and play! They were packaged so well, and are a great build, I'd recommend these to everyone out there looking for great moon lights for their reef tank. My tank inhabitants love them.

Performance vs. Expectations They performed better than I thought they would, given the difficulties it take to adequately capture moonlights in action. They have been through water splashes, saltcreep, etc. and still work great. Figuring how to mount them given my configuration took some time, but once I got it the way I wanted it, everything has been great. I wish, though, I got a 48" to match the length of my tank.

Value for money They are quite pricey, compared to what's out there, but they are worth the money. Plus, they are a better value given the lights you get compared to competitors.

Customer Support I only emailed them once, but they were pretty straight forward. I asked about the plastic discoloring and they essentially told me what kind of plastic it was. In my experience, they don't discolor and are very durable.

Liked about it I like the build of the product, the ease of use. The performance of the lighting is great.

Didn't like I wish I ordered a longer product. Mounting is questionable, as it assumes most have hoods. I have a Tek5, so I had to use hose clips to mount it behind my glass. That's why they get wet every now and then, but I wipe them off. Salt creep happens on them too. What I love is that they don't discolor. great plastic. Durable.

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By disenchantedone
Apr 26, 2010
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