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Aquactinics Constellation 48 Inch T5 Fixture

Holds up to 7 54W T5 HO lamps with Miro Silver full-length individual reflectors - Dual fans quietly displace heat away from tank - Powder coated aluminum housing - Three independent switches control lamps (3+2+2) with separate power cords. - Splash shield - Product dimensions: 48"x14"x3" -

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Premium T5 light fixture featured

Installation and Operation Installation is trivial if you wish to set it directly on top of the tank frame. Simply add your choice of bulbs, slide the splash guard in place, and plug in the three power cords. You'll probably want to use individual timers (not included) to control when the lamps come on and off, but low profile switches on top of the fixture can be used if manual control is desired.

For easier access to tank contents, riser brackets can be purchased (separately) to lift the fixture off of the tank a few inches. The brackets will allow you to slide the fixture forwards or backwards several inches for even more access clearance without having to remove the fixture from the tank top.

Performance vs. Expectations This fixture exceeded my expectations in almost every aspect. The seven lamps and individual reflectors allow you to keep even the most light-demanding specimens without having to resort to putting them up at the very top of the tank. The dual fans run nearly silently. The rocker switches are very low profile and blend in nicely with the understated design of this fixture.

Value for money This product is not cheap, so there may be competitors which provide a better bang for the buck even if they don't match this product's quality and performance. If you are looking for a top of the line fixture with no compromises then this is a terrific choice.

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Liked about it Excellent quality.
Corals and anemones thrive under the amazing amount of light this generates.
Very quiet and very cool.

Didn't like After replacing bulbs, I noticed an occasional metallic rattle when both of the fans were on. I finally tracked it down to two of the reflectors vibrating slightly due to the air flow and rubbing against one another since they are very tightly spaced. One of the reflectors must have gotten moved or bent slightly while I was replacing the bulbs. Easy to fix with a thin silicone spacer that I cut from some spare parts.
Riser brackets should either be included or available for cheaper price.

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By Plaz
Jan 27, 2010
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