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T5 light fixture

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Installation and Operation Overall this fixture was very simple to set up. I had no problems putting in the T5 bulbs as there is plenty of room between the end caps to twist each bulb in place unlike similar products. The only real issue I had with the installation of this product was trying to figure out how to anchor the hanging kit to my ceiling - a quck trip to Lowes solved this issue as I picked up a pair of heavy duty wall anchors.

This fixture is wired to a small junction box were one power cord controls two bulbs and the other cord controls the other four bulbs. The fixture also comes with an additional AC adapter cord which plugs into the junction box and this controls the active cooling system. I'm currently running this fixture on a set of timers where one timer controls the active cooling system goes on and off with two bulbs and the other timer controls the other four bulbs.

The only real maintenances involved with this fixture is ATI suggest that the fixture is wiped down monthly to remove any dust and salt creep from the fixture.

Performance vs. Expectations I had very high expectations for this product as I did a lot of research before buying a new T5 light fixture and I haven't been let down as of yet. I run this fixture on my 110 which is 30" tall and I haven't had any light requirement issues with any of my mixed reef.

Value for money This light fixture reeks of performances and its well worth every cent. It offers individual parabolic style reflectors that are made of 98% reflective aluminum, a pair of adjustable active cooling fans, acrylic splash guard and a stylish hanging kit.

Customer Support I haven't had to deal with ATI's customers services as of yet.

Liked about it I really like the overall design of this fixture, power consumption and this fixture includes everything you may need with the exception of bulbs.

Didn't like The only downer I have with this product is its expensive an I wish ATI offered a tank bracket so I can place this fixture directly on my tank in place of hanging it.

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By scubasteve3610
Jul 07, 2010
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