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72 Inch 8x39 Watt AquaticLife T5 HO Light Fixture w 6 Lunar LEDs

AquaticLife T5 HO Aquarium Lighting systems provide complete, 24-hour reef aquarium illumination. Combination of T5 HO bulbs produces 420/460nm and 700nm spectrum to keep corals growing. The 1W LED Lunar lamps provide...

Price: $529 to $529 at 1 stores
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Terrific Light

General It would be the best thing if they can make this system with 12 Lamps instead of 8, but it's kind of about my own personal preference!

Liked about it Easy-setup & very accurate built-in Digital Timer! Good looking and expensive looking fixture, but not expensive at all compare to others 72'' fixtures! Including 3 types of lamps: 420/460, 700+, and bright leds give my tank a full light cycle 24/24 without even touching anything, everything is automatic! and only 1 cord comes off the back!

Didn't like It doesn't have individual reflectors but is bent to wrap the bulbs, that also help to increase the output but not as much as true individual reflector! If the digital timer is malfunctioned, you are pretty much doomed! If they can install manual switches for the bulbs, it would help reducing stress when that happens! Also included are Aquatic bulbs, which doesnt give as much output as Giesemann or ATI bulbs, but you can change them later on anyway!

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By umakemekissu
Apr 23, 2009
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Price: $529 to $529
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