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48 Inch Outer Orbit HQI/T5 2x250W PowerPaq 4x54W SlimPaq and 18 Lunar ...

Current USA Outer Orbit Fixture 2x250W HQI Metal Halide & 4X54W T5s 48 inch

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48" Outer Orbit featured

Installation and Operation Kit comes with accessories for legs or hanging depending on your application, both are very easy to install. Otherwise everything else is plug and play. Ballasts for the 250Watt version are external for halides so you need a place for them and 1 cord for the T5's (Ballast is internal) and 2 for each set of moonlights (1blue 1white)

Performance vs. Expectations Puts out a great amount of light. The reflectors for the metal halide bulbs are hammered to provide random but effective spread of light. Parabolic reflectors on the T5 bulbs help for maximum output on the bulbs.

Value for money Excellent value for the money. Great product, good customer service.

Customer Support I've had 2 issues with the light since purchasing. First when I purchased the light I had some trouble with the ballasts for the T5 bulbs, they were burning out too quickly. They were happy to ship not only the malfunctioning ballast but one for the other side as well. Guided me through installation on the phone. Secondly one of my AC adapters for the moonlights stopped working they sent out a new one.

Liked about it Ease of installation was quick and simple, Output of light is well spread and good quality, Great company and customer service

Didn't like comes with 10K bulbs I purchased 14K's right away but more bulb choice on purchase would be nice. Electronic rather than magnetic ballasts. More fans would be nice.

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By firsthesitation
Aug 09, 2009
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