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48 Inch Nova Extreme T5HO X2 2x54 Watt

Launch your freshwater or planted aquarium to the next extreme with Nova Extreme dual T5HO aquarium lighting. This amazing aquarium lighting fixture utilizes European-style high-output T5 lamps to deliver energy...

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Not bad could be better featured

Installation and Operation Pretty easy installation. Remove packing from inside, install the two included lamps, plug it in and flip the switch. Maintenance? None besides wiping down the acrylic shield every week or so.

Performance vs. Expectations This is a 2-bulb fixture so you can't expect to keep anything demanding under it. It works well and I have seen good growth from zoanthids, and gorgonians I have in the tank (55gal). To a lesser extent some I have seen growth from low light stony coral.

Value for money At about $105-110 it is the cheapest 2 bulb T5 fixture I know of. It really has only one big draw back, no fans. Otherwise it is a good fixture. Has a good reflector (not individual reflectors but pretty close). The ballast is program start (i took the fixture apart and this was printed on the ballast). Overall, I would more than likely go with a different fixture is I were to do it over. However, I do not feel like I got ripped off. You just can't do much with a 2 bulb fixture.

Customer Support No contact with company

Liked about it - Cheap
- Overall sleek design. Sits low to tank.

Didn't like - Lack of fan makes fixture hot (ie. touching the reflector shortly after turning it off will burn you if you hold you hand there for a second or two)
- Fixture is a little on the wide side for a 2 bulb. I would rather it be taller and narrower

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By bpatrick
Jul 01, 2010
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