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36" 2x39W SLR T5 Very High-Output Retrofit Kit w/ Bulbs

36" T5 retrofit kit, with an Ice Cap 660 ballast, individual SLR reflectors and moisture proof endcaps, plus bulbs. T5 very high-output fluorescent retrofit kit complete with IceCap SLR individual parabolic reflectors for each bulb made from 96% reflective German-made aluminum, IceCap 660 electronic ballast with wire harness, power-cord, moisture proof end-caps,...

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Produces tons of light!

Installation and Operation It was very easy to install and set this retrofit kit up. Plus the wiring was super easy, the ballast comes with a book with a few options with full diagrams. And the wires are nicely color coded so its really simple.

Performance vs. Expectations I was surprised at how bright this actually is. These are my first T5's and all I an say is wow. Especially with the reflectors its like a night and day improvement over the power compact supplements that I replaced.

Value for money If you had to buy all the components separately it would be more expensive, especially when you factor in that this kit comes with your choice of bulbs!

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Liked about it I was very happy with the price, versus buying everything on its own. The packaging was the best I have ever seen on lights. And the build quality of the components was excellent.

Didn't like The only thing that could make this better, would be if the included the wire connections to connect the ballast to the power cord. Because except for a few connectors you have everything you need.

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By luther1200
Sep 25, 2009
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