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36 Inch Satellite Dual 2x96W SunPaq with 1 Lunar Light

Looking for value and efficiency in a lighting system? The Satellite from Current is the most complete fixture available for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium. State-of-the-art SunPaq lamps last twice as long as...

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Nice light for the price!

Installation and Operation
Extremly simple set up, ready to go out of the box. Very simple bulb change set up, easy clip and then snap into place. 2 well placed lamp switches. Shield is easily removed for cleaning, will require regular cleaning to remove salt creep if you do not use a canopy/top.

Performance vs. Expectations this light uses powerful 96 watt power compact bulbs which light up the tank nicely. I do not attempt to keep SPS by my softies (zoas and mushrooms) grow excellent under light. My LPS
(favites and candy cane) also do well. Candy cane went from 3 heads to 9 in 4 months. I do not like the stock bulb spectrums, 6700k is too yellow for my test and 420nm is to purple for actinics

Value for money Awesome value! For less than $200 its a fantastic entry lever light.

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Liked about it Price

Didn't like LED moonlight. They placed it right in the middle of the lamp. Which is dumb because every 36" tank (rimless excluded) has a support bar right where the light is placed. Totally useless. Also, its white not blue and only 1 bulb is not enough for a 36" tank. Could use a second cooling fan.

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By drew1092
Jul 28, 2010
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