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36 Inch Nova Extreme T5HO 4x39 Watt

Powerful, yet space-saving High Output T5 lamps make the Nova Extreme fixture the ultimate lighting source for reef aquariums. Featuring all the light your corals and other reef organisms need to thrive: 460 nm actinic...

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A solid entry level T5 for low to moderate light c

General A good unit for soft corals and large polyp stony corals. I keep small polyp stony corals under it but they grow slowly. A good entry level unit that is quality made but does not have the light output of higher end models. You get what you pay for. If you want to keep softies and LPS it will give you all that you need for a price you can afford.

Liked about it Quality hardware, separate switches for actinics and daylight tubes, adequate fan, and low price make it an excellent buy for the money. Great entry level T5 HO unit from a well known manufacturer.

Didn't like It has inefficient reflector compared to some higher end makers. It comes with moderate to poor bulbs.

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By jenglish
Mar 26, 2009
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Price: $274 to $274
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