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36 inch 6x39W Sunlight Supply Tek Light High Output Fluorescent Lighti...

Tek-Lights are high output, ultra efficient T5 fluorescent lighting fixtures constructed of lightweight, heavy duty, rust proof aluminum. The units feature a sleek, 2 1/2 in. high profile, 2 switches, and 2 eight ft....

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Grows coral like crazy!!!

Installation and Operation Very little maintainance, but you usually need to buy the bulbs yourself, which I prefer to get your ideal colour combination and look. I have had this for around six months and yet to have any problems.

Performance vs. Expectations I expected this product to be able to grow sps and clams anywhere in the tank. I have a 20 inch high tank and the light grows any coral almost anywhere, also I have a maxima clam that I can grow on the sandbed.

Value for money Great value, it is the least expensive 6 bulb T-5HO fixture that I found, that was a huge reason for buying this fixture

Customer Support I haven't needed to deal with the company everything has been great.

Liked about it Design- very sleek design, its definatly not an eyesore above the tank
Output- It is very bright, it is hard to look at the light while they are on.
Control- Ienjoy the convinence of two light switches, it allows to do dusk, midday and dawn controls.

Didn't like The only thing I would like to be different is if the fixture was a bit thinner.

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By warzek_13
Feb 02, 2011
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