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24 Inch Outer Orbit HQI 1x150 Watt PowerPaq 2x65 Watt SunPaq with 4 Lu...

Current USA Outer Orbit Fixture 1x150W HQI Metal Halide & 2X65W Compact Fluorescents 24 inch

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Searched 24 Inch Outer Orbit HQI 1x150 Watt PowerPaq 2x65 W SunPaq with 4 Lunar Lights in Reviews


Great light

Installation and Operation This light was the first light I owned when starting the hobby. I had it over a 45g aquarium and it provided an excellent all-around light source. It requires multiple plugs for each light source so make sure you have the power outlets needed. It is easy to clean and service and virtually silent. The moonlights built in add a nice touch when all of the main lights are off.

Performance vs. Expectations The light performs as expected and provides a great, all-in-one-box solution for smaller aquariums wanting to keep inhabitants such as clams or SPS on higher shelfs.

Value for money 7/10. One of the more expensive alternatives you might find in this size however performance and workmanship is heads above others as I have found over time.

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Liked about it Great consolidated design; easily cleaned; easily maintained and used.

Didn't like Price is a bit lofty.

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By superwizbang
Aug 04, 2009
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