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24 Inch Oceanlight 1x250W HQI 2x24W T5 Featured

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I like this light

Installation and Operation Installation wasn't too bad. The hanging kit was great, and easy to attach. The instructions were simple to follow. The unit requires minimal maintenance. However, changing bulbs requires removing a lot of screws, and the brackets they fit in makes it easy to start them back in at angles. Once I got used to it, I had no trouble, but it did strike me that they could design the bulb removal better.

Performance vs. Expectations Performs exactly as expected. Easy to setup on timers. I especially like the flaps to help cut down on overspill.

Value for money I believe this was a good value. It's very solid (those Germans know how to make 'em), and the light output is actually slightly better than I expected.

Customer Support I have had no reason to contact the company.

Liked about it Hanging brackets are easy to use. It has flaps to cut down on overspill which makes it great if it's not covered with a hood. It has a very open internal design, and dissipates the heat well. The ends are fairly open, and the unit requires no fan, and stays cool enough to handle.

Didn't like My only real complaint would be that the power cords to the ballast aren't labeled, but figuring out which is which isn't difficult. Wouldn't mind it being a little lighter and slimmer profile, but then I suspect it wouldn't handle heat as well or be as solidly built.

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By gobbly
Jun 06, 2010
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