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24 Inch Nova Extreme T5HO X2 2x24 Watt

Launch your saltwater aquarium to the next extreme with Nova Extreme dual T5HO aquarium lighting. This amazing aquarium lighting fixture utilizes European-style high-output T5 lamps to deliver energy efficient lighting...

Price: $85 to $85 at 1 stores
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Good for some but not all reef tanks featured

Installation and Operation This light is built for a standard 20 gallon nano or a 10 gallon long tank. This lighting fixture is decent for corals. It provides adequet light for most LPS and SPS and softies, but is not sufficent for some of the higher lighting required corals and clams.

But this is a full spectrum light that is a 2 bulb fixture which includes one 10k and one actinic bulb. Its very energy efficent and is very quiet because it doesn't have any fans. It didn't and hasn't raised the temperature of my tank. And it's fairly easy to clean, the acrylic lens can be simply whiped off if splashed, but you must be careful because acrylic scratches very easily.

The installation is fairly easy. But be sure to clip the bassalts in the pre-cut holes or else the bulbs won't fit nor will they operate.

The bulbs need to be replaced every 6-12 months. And the light that the current USA bulbs include in the package are of good quality.

Performance vs. Expectations Current USA doesn't lie!!! It was everything they said it would be. It's a good light but not great, I would definetly go with a 4 bulb fixture if I could do it over again.

Value for money This is a very cheap fixture and is great for the money. It was a great deal and would recommend it only for nanos 20 gallons and below, or else you will need to upgrade if you want more diverse corals in the future. This fixture is a bit limiting on the species grown in an aquarium.

Liked about it I liked the easy installation and the stunning difference of light I saw once I turned the switch on. It has individual reflectors which is a must in my opinion. It redirects so much light that wouldn't be used without them.

Didn't like I didn't like that there is only one switch for both of the lights. I wish that they were individually set so I could make a sunrise and sunset which makes everything so much more natural and happier in the tank. But I just turn the outside lights on for about an hour before turning on the fixture.

Unfortunately, the package doesn't come with specific step by step directions if you get stuck, but eventually one will figure out how to do it or just call the company...

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By berger9953
Mar 27, 2010
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Price: $85 to $85
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