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24 Inch Nova Extreme T5HO 4x24 Watt

Powerful, yet space-saving High Output T5 lamps make the Nova Extreme fixture the ultimate lighting source for reef aquariums. Featuring all the light your corals and other reef organisms need to thrive: 460 nm actinic...

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Great light! featured

Installation and Operation Prior to me ordering this fixture, I owned the same fixture but minus 2 bulbs. And the minute I plugged this fixture in I could notice a significant difference of the brightness intensity. The installation was very simple, just put the bulbs in, setup the legs and plug it in! The instructions are not helpful in setting it up, they are very general about the installation, they just tell you the obvious steps. It doesn't have any lunar lamps, but does have a fan. The fan is nice, the fixture does get hot without it. It works very well and efficently. Although it is a bit noisy, it has a seperate plug so you can unplug it at night or put it on a timer.
Their are two different switches for the lights which are very helpful and convienent, this allows you to turn the white bulbs off first so that you can create a dusk/dawn with the actinics. The actinics by themselves look very nice, they enhance all of the florecsent colors in the tank. The only real maintenance required(besides changing the bulbs every 6-12 months) is wiping off the acrylic splach guard.

Performance vs. Expectations This fixtures performance is excellent, the bulbs themselves make no sound, the reflectors drive much of the light back into the tank and my inhabitants are very happy.

Customer Support I've never bought anything from before, and I am very impressed with the service. They treat their costumers wonderfully. Their company is very efficent and professional. i can't wait for another chance to go back to their site and buy something from them.

Liked about it 1.I really enjoy the seperate swithches for the lights, its nice to be able to create a dusk and dawn.
2.I also like that they manufactorer took the time to make the fan with a plug, so that the fan doesn't always have to be on.
3.The intensity of the light is great, 4 bulbs is great for a smaller tank.

Didn't like 1. I don't like how it is required to use the mounting legs. If you just want to set the light on the tanks without elevation, you can't, it doesn't fit.
2.Lunar lights would have been very nice to have for night watching. But its okay, I and the fish are asleep anyways!:)

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By berger9953
Aug 16, 2010
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