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20 Inch SunPod HQI 1x250W PowerPaq with 12 Lunar Lights

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Price: $150 to $150 at 1 stores
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Great for a SPS nano. featured

Installation and Operation Instillation for this unit was a breeze. You basically unpack everything and it's all plug and play!
You get both the hanging kit and mounting legs! I love that usually you have to pay extra for the hanging kit.
Once unpacked all you have to do is decide how to mount the unit. You can hang it or it can sit right on top of the tank with the supplied legs. I chose the legs. although I never used the hanging kit it did look a bit complicated. Lots of parts to mount and wires to adjust.

Once in position simply plug in all the connections. Once for the halide and the other for the LEDs
This unit has a integrated ballast for the halide. There are a few issues with this. First the weight. It's not a light unit. Second with the internal ballast if there is a problem you have to get a Current-USA ballast. You cannot just swap out another ballast.

All that being said is a great little light Tons of power! A great light for a small SPS tank a Clam tank or Anemone tank!

Performance vs. Expectations This unit performed better than expected. Lots of light love the Lunar lights and sleek and stylish design.
I did within 2 month pull the stock bulb and added a Phoenix 14K Much better than the Stock bulb. If you get this or already have this light and are un-happy with the bulb tray a Phoenix 14K in it you'll love it!

Value for money At close to $400 it's much higher than ANY other fixture in it's class. It in the price range ox a 2x 250w fixture. For this I gave it a low rating. Is it worth $400? It depends on what your looking for in a light. You can find better quality and just a nice a looking fixture for about 30% less.

Customer Support I never had any dealing with Current-USA regarding this or any other products I have owned.

Liked about it Compact this is a small unit but is not light for it's size (internal ballast)
It came with both mounting legs and a hanging kit.

Didn't like Internal ballasts,cannot replace with aftermarket ballast.
The price, Way to high for a 1x 250w fixture!
The weight, it is heavy for a light of this size (internal ballast)
The bulbs, I did not like the color.

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By ckusnierek
May 25, 2010
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Price: $150 to $150
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