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20 Inch Nova Extreme Pro T5HO 6x18 Watt

Nova Extreme Pro T-5 Fixtures 20"; 108 watt by Current. Nova Extreme Pro T-5 System by Current: Brilliant T-5 fluorescent light fixture offers high light output solution for aquarists

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The perfect replacement for your 29 gallon BioCube lid featured

Installation and Operation Installation is a breeze, just remove the Plexiglas shield that covers the bulbs, slide the legs into the rails and replace the bulb cover. Once on the legs can slide back and forth making it easy for you to line them up to the sides of your aquarium. You can also purchase an optional ceiling mount. The benefit of this is that it allows you to raise or lower the light which helps in getting it just right for corals. The bulbs are easy to change as well.

There are two switches one for the white light and 1 for the actinic (blue light). Each switch has its own power cord. This is good because if you are using a timer it allows you to set differing photo-lengths for each type of light. Some aquarists like to have the blues come on first and go off last as a sort of dusk and dawn affect.

Performance vs. Expectations The first excellent thing about this light is that it allows you to replace the lid on the 29 gallon BioCube. The BC29 is 20" across so this light fits perfectly. The six bulbs give enough light to allow for the growth of small polyp stony corals, large polyp stony corals, anemone, clams and of course will bring out the colors in your soft corals. This latter fact impressed me most. After just one day I was able to notice the brighter colors in my zoanthus.

One thing BioCube owners know is that the tank can get hot. During the summer I had to keep the lid up to allow it to cool down. The raised design alone allows for better cooling, but the two large (and silent) fans keep the light so cool that even after running for 8 hours I can put my hand on top of it and it is cool to the touch. T5 lighting is, of course, cooler than metal halide, but this is cool even for T5's.

Value for money The light is sleek and well built and provides plenty of light for whatever corals you want to keep. It isn't cheap but can be found on sale. I found it on the Internet, printed up the page and took it to my local fish shop, they beat the Internet price so I didn't have to pay delivery, or wait for it to come. I would say in terms of value, even though it costs a lot, it is totally worth the money.

Customer Support I have not had to contact customer support yet, but have not heard good things about it. The owner of my local fish shop said they didn't like the customer support. That's just second hand information, so take it with a grain of salt.

Liked about it 1. Nice design is visually appealing.
2. Enough light for your coral needs (as always tank height affects this).
3. Comes with mounting legs that are not too short and not too tall.
4. Double fans keep the unit very cool even after a long day of constant use. These fans are also silent.
5. Duel switches and power cords allow for custom timing of lights.

Didn't like 1. The bulbs may need to be special ordered by your local fish store as they are not a common size and wattage. My local fish store said this was no problem and they could get them next day.

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By tcamos
Jul 04, 2010
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