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GE 54W 3000K Daylight

Full spectrum daylight bulb with high-output to encourage coral growth and a well balanced spectrum to produce good color definition. Excellent for bringing out the yellows, oranges and reds in an aquarium. To balance...

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Great output, bad color

Comments These bulbs washed out the tank in a red hue, and it was definitely not my preference. They do have solid PAR output, but not that much better than T5 bulbs rated in the 10000-14000K range.

Liked about it I've reviewed a lot of the yellower bulbs, and will hold true with this review as well. They have great output. If you're looking for something that has output for coral growth, and you're not worried about color, these are probably a good choice.

Didn't like The color is a sacrifice in my opinion. I don't like how it wipes out some of the fluorescence of the green/blue corals in the tank.

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By crvz
Jun 03, 2009
Last updated: May 17, 2010
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