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Current USA 65W Straight Pin SmartPaq Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Current USA Smartpaq Straight Pin 50/50 65W Bulb

Price: $30 to $32 at 2 stores
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I'm impressed!

Comments Bought a Current USA fixture for my freshwater 75 gal recently. I was amazed at the light output! I mentioned this to a local retailer he said Current fluorescent bulbs put out more usable light that Coralife bulbs. I have a Coralife compact fixture on my 75 gal saltwater and had just replaced the bulbs a month ago with Coralife bulbs. I bought a couple Current USA bulbs to try out and just put them in today. AMAZING difference!

When I installed the new Coralife bulbs they made the old Coralife bulbs look like they weren't even lit. After installing two Current USA compact flourescents, the new Coralife bulbs look like they were 6 months old. I'm sold. Every bulb from now on will be Current USA bulbs. I'm buy another two to replace the last two Coralife's.

Liked about it 1. Cost
2. Company reputation
3. Light output

Didn't like 1. Wish they were free.

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By PCaz
Oct 14, 2010
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Price: $30 to $32
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at 2 stores

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