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24 Inch T12 20000K Daylight 20W by Coralife

High Intensity 20000 K Lamps 24" 20W by Central Aquatics. Simulates the deeper ocean environment with sparkling blue daylight rays; 15, 20, 30, and 40 watt

Price: $23 to $33 at 2 stores
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Great color

Comments This bulb has a great blue color to it and will light your tank up nicely. It isnt the brightest but it does have a great color. I was overdriving it to around 35watts with a VHO ballast and it put out nicely. If you have a T12 fixture this is a great bulb

Liked about it Color
Reflector is included

Didn't like I didnt like that you couldnt remove the reflector. But it works well with it on so theres really no need.
I wasnt crazy about the price tag for a simple 24" T12 bulb. It could be a little cheaper.

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By fihsboy
Aug 14, 2009
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Price: $23 to $33
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at 2 stores

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